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We simplify swimming through innovation, high-quality products and a commitment to education. Because we understand that improving technique is the secret to swimming faster, our products help athletes of all abilities master the basics as a means to excellence.

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TYR Swim

TYR™ has developed a reputation for high-quality products and equipment. TYR competition swimwear and triathlon gear have been a dominant force in their respective industries. The company is also known for its TYR goggles, swim apparel, triathlon wetsuits and a wide variety of swimming equipment.

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Blueseventy Wetsuits

Blueseventy wetsuits are the finest in the sport of triathlon. With a long history backing up their technological advances, it’s no wonder that many of the world’s best triathletes choose to swim in a Blueseventy wetsuit. They’ve been pushing the limits of our sport for over 15 years now with one goal in mind – to make you a faster, more efficient swimmer. 

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